Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Dream Of Weenie – 10.1.08

We’ll make this one quick, because you’re just dying to know our thoughts, nay, our dreams of I Dream Of Weenie.  This review might get us kicked off plenty of RSS feeds, but we’ll just have to take our chances.    

It was a beautiful day to eat outside. But not too much time to spare.  We decided to bust a move and tackle the letter I – which would be fairly easy since we had already agreed to try the much ballyhooed East Nashville haunt I Dream Of Weenie.    
When I stepped up to the window, there was no question what I had to order.  
My namesake, the Flamin’ Frank, is a wee little dog + bun that was covered with chili, cheese, mustard, onion, salsa and jalapeños.  It was fine, but didn’t warrant a high-five, satisfied grunt or any other such gastronomic celebration.  I did enjoy sitting on the curb in the 70 degree sunshine and watching the parade of satchel wearing scooter riders drive down Woodland Street.    
I Dream Of Weenie is a nice idea and they are sure friendly folks but I didn’t see much to brag about, food-wise. (Sorry Nashville Scene and Tennessean "Best Of" readers polls…) Hot Diggity, Zackies’ and Noshville all do a better dog.  In fact, I’ve had better at the Home Depot (Thompson Lane) hot dog stand.  But the East Nashville hipster crowd has crowned IDOW the queen of Nashville hotdogs.  Kitschy?  Yes.  The best dog in all of Nashville?  Not even close.   

Ok...they get points for being clever with the name...and for being creative with the conversion of an old VW van into a hotdog stand.  But aside from that...this place isn’t much to write home about.   Compared to the two other hotdog joints that I’ve been to in Nashville – Zackies’ and Hot Diggity Dog – this place comes in dead last.  And compared to other walkup-and-order establishments I’ve been also comes in last.  There was nothing about the experience made me feel like I NEED to go back.  I got the bratwurst w/ spicy mustard, chips and a can of diet coke for $6.50.  It was good...but can you really screw something like that up?!?   

I Dream Of Weenie...a lot cleaner than you would think...friendly service...the chili dog was okay...a little on the small side though...not really worth the price.  My suggestion?  Bun length dogs.

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BP said...

I agree! IDoW is a fun place to stop in and have a bite when you're in the neighborhood, but the hot dogs cannot compare to Hot Diggity Dogs.