Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christopher’s Pizza Company - 7.1.08

With no conflicting lunch appointments and a short work week, we decided that we should check another letter off the lunch list today.  C it was.  It always takes a bit of wrangling for the 3 of us to get on the same page about where to eat, but we ended up in Eddie's silver Exterra and headed for...  Christopher's Pizza Company.

Here's the skinny...

Frank:  When I go to a pizza place, especially for lunch, I’m looking for a spinach calzone.  I’m not into this idea of splitting a pizza because who wants to be forced to eat someone else’s topping preferences?  Most of my friends prefer meats on their pizzas while I like veggie.  Thus I order my own personal calzone.  When we sat down and looked over the menu at CPC, I was bummed (no calzones) but decided to try their 9 inch Fancy Pants pizza.   The upside:  I loved my little pizza.  Great crust - crust that wasn’t too sweet (this is the first mistake pizza places make – too dang much sugar in their crust!).  Pine nuts, goat cheese, spinach and olive oil makes for a fancy pants pizza indeed.  Bonus: the check came almost right away after we were finished.  (This is another of my pet peeves – having to wait an eternity to PAY for lunch and get on with life.)  They have nice servers as well.   The only downside: Their straws were too short for the glass and I had to keep fishing mine back out.    All in all, I like this place.        

Hank: Overall it was pretty good...it had a health score of 90...which is nice, the service was friendly and the pizza tasted good.  However, an 8” pizza for $9 + a drink for $1.50 + $2 tip = a little too pricey to become one of my staple lunch stops.  I think combo pricing is in order.  Dear Mr. Christopher - if you can figure out how to get me in and out of there for $10 for pizza, drink and tip...I’d be willing to reconsider.  THE END.     

Eddie: What's the deal with sit-down-style pizza joints and scribbling on the tables?  I don't get it.  The staff was very friendly.  The pizza was not bad, but it wasn't great either.  I was expecting something a little more gourmet, considering the price.

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