Saturday, June 28, 2008

Boswell’s Harley Davidson Grill - 6.27.08

So today we went to Boswell’s Harley Davidson Grill.  Aside from seeing a pretty sweet trike in the parking lot, we only wanted to see if a motorcycle dealership could serve us up a decent lunch.  Here's what we found:

Frank: Liked it. Totally fun atmosphere and our waitress was great – she sorta bullied me into having the catfish and onion rings, which was fine.  (How do you screw-up deep frying anything?)  It was worth the slight wait for a table.  The only drawback I could project on this place is Harley Davidson riders themselves.  You see, I ride a nice old ’73 Honda and those Harley guys won’t ever wave back at me.  They’re too cool to wave.  Which is lame.   

Hank: This place was a random surprise!  It’s a small diner tucked into a Harley Davidson Dealership.  There was a line when we got there...but it didn’t take more than 10 minutes for a table to open up.  The staff was very friendly and on top of things...they didn’t let your drink get half finished before they got you a refill!  I got a burger and fries and really enjoyed the meal.  The burger was a little over done...but the flavor was great.  And with a health score of 94...I will for sure go back!

Eddie: Super friendly and attentive service.  A bit cramped.  The BBQ sandwich was average, but the fresh-cut fries were a nice bonus.  The prices were a little on the steep side, considering the no-frills menu.    

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