Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jackson’s Bistro – 10.13.08

Today was a typical Monday - mostly cloudy out but no rain in sight.  Ho-hum, hooray.  We were all dragging our butts and really needed a shot in the arm to get our week off to a better start.  The lure of a mystery-letter lunch outing seemed ripe with possibilities, however, a quick glance at the phonebook and revealed too few options for the letter J.  Not many places to try that weren’t chains or too far to travel.  Yes, we were feeling lazy.  Add to that our recent, back-to-back, less-than-spectacular lunch outings and we really wanted a sure thing. That led us to an old faithful standby…  Jackson’s Bistro in Hillsboro Village.  Without further adieu, here’s our review.    

For as much as I like to think that I get around the Nashville restaurant scene, I think I’ve only been to Jackson’s once before. I don’t know why but I always overlook this place even though plenty of my friends are regulars.  
Today we opted to sit outside since the weather was decent enough and there’s nothing better than getting outdoors during lunch. Nice patio, but nothing too special.   The service at Jackson’s was spot on and our server was friendly but to the point - always on hand at the right moments.  I ordered the Ahi tuna sandwich with a side salad.  I requested the tuna medium rare but it came out more on the medium plus side and was a bit drier than I’d like.  However, the sandwich comes with a killer wasabi  sauce on the side so I slathered that on and was more than pleased with the overall result.  Next time I’ll order an extra cup of the sauce and dip any and everything in it.  Yes, it’s that good.  I also liked the little side salad which had diced tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and chick peas. Tasty.  
Overall, Jackson’s was a good experience.  The next time around if I remember to, I’ll probably be back.     

Good food, friendly staff, great location...this place has all the elements in place to maintain it's status as a Hillsboro Village hotspot.  It's also worth noting that Jackson's is one of the top spots to partake in a favorite pastime of mine...people watching.  The day we ate there...they were also offering a brunch menu...which when added to the usual lunch offerings...made for a menu that is pretty tough to beat.  Now...being 2 days into another health kick...I went against every rule in my book and went with the Caesar salad w/ grilled chicken - dressing on the side (I told you I was on a health kick!).  It tasted like...lettuce with grilled chicken...mmmmm!  No was a pretty good salad and I thought fairly priced at $9.  To finish off a great lunch experience...I recommend walking a few doors down and picking up a coffee at Fido afterwards...but that's another day and another letter.   

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been to Jackson's over the past several years, and every visit has been enjoyable.  The vibe is cool but not too trendy, the suspended fireplace is unique, and the menu has a nice variety of lunch options.  I went for the tuna & cheddar panini, which did not disappoint.  The prices certainly fit the menu/locale.  Service was attentive and friendly.


Any Little Reason said...

I order the same thing every time I go to Jackson's - the fried green tomato BLT with side salad, & fruit tea - always fresh, consistent, and delicious. I try to go on off-times since the traffic is always so dreadful.

Amy Beth said...

My problem with Jackson's has always been the bar glasses. They aren't clean. I order some kind of cocktail (which are good) and the glass arrives sticky with fingerprints all over it and sometimes lip prints. Ick.