Friday, June 27, 2008

Alley Cat Lounge & Tex Mex Grill - 6/19/08

The letter A stands for...   Alley Cat Lounge & Tex Mex Grill

Here's what we thought:

Frank: So-so for me.  Decent atmosphere but food took forever to come out.  I’ve been trying to eat better so I had a chef salad.  That's lame, right?  Whatever people..  I’m down nearly 20 lbs from Christmas, so bring on the bland salads!

Hank: It could have been cleaner...but it could have been dirtier.  The big turn off for me was that due to the fact that it’s a bar...there was smoking allowed in the restaurant.  The service was good...but with only 4 tables sat during lunchtime...there was no excuse for any less service.  I had a chicken sandwich with fries and I thought it was good.  Nothing to write home’s hard to screw up something like that.  Overall...good bar food...not somewhere I’ll probably frequent.

Eddie:  The menu had some interesting variations on the standards.  Not what you'd expect from a bar located in an alley.  The Tortas, which is essentially a pork BBQ sandwich with a few extras, was fantastic.  The prices definitely fit the fare.

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