Friday, June 27, 2008

A Quick Recap

So, before we launch into another restaurant round, we've decided to do a succinct recap of our lunchings thus far.  Ladies and gents, we present to you, the best and worst of Nashville Eats Its ABCs...  (with expanded commentary by Hank)

Eddie's Top 3 picks:  
  • Uncle Gio's (r.i.p.)
  • Bro's Cajun Cuisine
  • Joey's House Of Pizza 
Eddie's Worst: 
  • Wendell Smith's 
  • Muddea's Famous Chicken & Waffles
  • Twin Kegs 

Frank's Best Nashville ABCs discoveries: 
  • Honduras Restaurant 
  • The Factory Grill
  • Richie’s “Hot & Spicy” Kastle 

Frank's Worst Nashville ABCs experiences: 
  • Twin Kegs
  • The Pie Wagon
  • International Market and Deli 

Hank's Top 3 ABC Nashville restaurants:
  • Zackies Original Hot Dog (Germantown) - I can go with or without hotdogs...and usually only have one if I’m at the ballpark.  But Zackies may have changed me!  This place is great!  Very clean...great service...they even remembered our names!  My winning meal was a brat w/ spicy mustard, crinkle cut fries and a Jones Soda Rootbeer.  I’ve been back a number of times since and have not been disappointed!
  • Judge Beans – I love baseball and I love I was quite excited to get the news that Judge Beans had relocated to Greer Stadium (home of the Nashville Sounds).  It doesn’t get any better than eating brisket at a table overlooking a great ball field!  It’s open every day...but if you go during a game the Judge gives you a free ticket to the game along with your meal!  The downside is that it’s packed on game days and the service suffers...but when you’re watching baseball...what’s the rush?!?
  • The Copper Kettle – Where do I start???  When trying to think of a place to eat for lunch...this is always the first thing that comes to mind.  It’s clean...friendly staff...and the food is always good!  I call it a gourmet Meat & 3.  They have a rotating menu of specials and on each day you are bound to find something you’ll like.  I’ve got 2 favorite meals there: 1) Coconut chicken fingers, mashed potatoes & green bean casserole. 2) Grilled Chicken salad with cranberry vinaigrette dressing, spiced pecans and a fried ball of goat cheese.  I would recommend this place to anyone!  If you are will like it.

Hank's Worst ABC Nashville experience:
  • La Luna Cafe' -NOW CLOSED- We walked in and the first scent to hit my nose was was disgusting!  That made me scan quickly for their health score...which was 47!  I looked at Frank and Eddie...gave the signal...and we walked right out!  Not hard to see why it ended up folding!
  • Twin Kegs – OK...I know...we were asking for it when we chose this place.  But the sign said that they were world famous...and we had heard they had great burgers...we were dupped!  It was a small, dark and dirty space that reeked of smoke!  Our “server” was quite entertaining and quite possibly drunk.  When asked “Do you have crinkle cut fries?”...his response was...”Huh?!?  Crinkle cut this!”.  Overall...the place was filthy, the food was not good at all, and the “server”, although very entertaining, did not cut it!
  • White Trash Café – I would add one word to the name of this restaurant...NASTY!  I appreciate kitsch décor with the best of them...but that wasn’t enough to outweigh the fact that the service was horrible, the food was dreadful and it was DIRTY!  One of the specials that day was a baked chicken dish.  I thought it couldn’t be all that bad until I asked for a description and someone at our table ordered it.  It was essentially frozen fried chicken breast that had been cooked in a pan of gelatinous brown gravy.  The look and smell of it was enough to turn my stomach.  Haven’t been back since...and will not go back again.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program...

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fluffernutter said...

I hear you need places beginning with "I" -- how about International House of Pancakes -- I think it's still open in the old Harding Mall parking lot. Indigo, the new place in that fancy hotel across from Golden Coast. Ichiban on Second Ave. Um. I'll keep thinkin. Happy eating!