Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What goes on here

Hi everybody and welcome to our blog.  If you are interested in the Nashville lunch food scene, then you may appreciate our massive undertaking here.  If not, go ahead and surf on down the web a bit and you might find something more interesting elsewhere.  

What we do: We’re three guys in a small office who are eating our way through the alphabet of locally owned and operated restaurants.  Why?  We want to explore new places, foods and hopefully uncover some culinary gems that we would have otherwise missed.  Besides, eating at a new restaurant is bragging rights for us.  To give you an idea that we’re committed to this concept, the next three posts will be a recap of where we’ve been over the past few years.  We’ve made it mostly through the alphabet 3 times thus far and are back for round #4.  We won’t post commentary on our past conquests, but we will post our thoughts on all the restaurants moving forward. 

While we’re not necessarily “foodies” and won’t review every detail of our meals like other blogs, we will rate our individual experience at each restaurant.  And maybe we’ll even tell you why we liked or didn’t like it.  If you read our personal profiles, you’ll see that we all have our own distinct lunch expectations. 

We don’t use our real names as we prefer our anonymity, but if any restaurant owner wants to comp us a meal to eat at their place and write about it here, by all means please let us know.  For free food, we might even actually eat out of order.  Also, if anyone has suggestions for us, please post your suggestions - we’ve had a lot of problems finding restaurants that start with the letters Q, X, I and Y.  
Enjoy and cheers!

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